SmartQ Apple Flash Drive is going to support Touch ID

SmartQ Apple Flash Drive is going to support Touch ID

Part 1 : How to Start

To experience the Touch ID feature, we need to upgrade your SmartQ flash drive. Please see following steps to learn how to upgrade it:

Caution: please always make sure you back up your data before upgrading your flash drive.

  1. Download the latest version of PowerDrive App from AppStore.
  2. After downloading the latest version of PowerDrive, insert your SmartQ flash drive into your iOS device and open PowerDrive App.
  3. Wait for a moment until you see the message “PowerDrive would like to communicate with the Smart Quickly Inc. SmartQ PenDrive”
  4. Please click “Allow”.

Part 2 : Set up Touch ID

Set up your Touch ID

This is where you may initiate your Touch ID. Please read the instruction and click Next to set up your Touch ID.

Please enter six-digit numbers as your passcode.

Enter your six-digit code again to confirm your passcode.

Please enter your email for retrieving the passcode in the future when needed. You will receive a confirmation email.

After you successfully set up your Touch ID feature, please click Yes to initiate it.

Caution: You must set up your Touch ID in your phone setting before you have this feature enabled in PowerDrive app.

Now, your SmartQ flash drive has been successfully encrypted!

Let’s see what else you can do:

  • Change your passcode by typing in your original passcode
  • Type in the new passcode and type it again to confirm your change
  • Wait momentarily and you will receive an email with the new passcode
  • When you connect your SmartQ pen drive to PC or Android, you will see the message “Disk Locked” because your SmartQ pen drive has been securely encrypted.
  • In order to see your encrypted files on your PC or Android, click the “Access to PC or Android” tab.
  • See Images below:
  • Click yes to continue the set up
  • Slide the “Temporary Access” button to finish this set up.
  • You will be prompted with a message telling you the setup is successful.
  • Connect your SmartQ pen drive to your PC or Android and you will be able to access your files.

Caution: Your data will be automatically encrypted every time when you reconnect SmartQ pen drive to your iPhone. Once you have the encryption set up, you don’t have to repeat this step anymore.

To disable data encryption

If you no longer want to use the data encryption feature, please go back to the Passlock tab and disable the feature. You will need to type in your passcode to disable this function.