MicroSD Card Reader for Android - How To Use

MicroSD Card Reader for Android - How To Use

If you are like me and have an Android phone that isn't brand new, you are fully aware of how annoying it is when you get that message you are out of storage, requiring you to delete your photos and videos of memories you would have otherwise saved.

Not only that, but it seems these days the phone and service companies want you to have little to no access to upgrade your device, forcing you to upgrade to an expensive, new phone. UGH! Frustrating, am I right? 

Another annoying thing is when you do upgrade but somehow you loose data you wanted to keep. Or a phone gets smashed and you want to retrieve your memories. Well, I am pleased to say there is a small, friendly solution to all of this. C326 by SmartQ is a simply way keep the expensive upgrades at bay. It also allows you to move files to your computer, laptop or even a friend or family members device to share photos, from say an event or wedding. 

Here is the breakdown on how to use it...

1- C326 comes with a MicroB port (for your Samsung Galaxy S7, for example) and a USB 3.0. This allows you to go from your Android to your laptop to read the MicroSD card with ease. 

2- This little device is plug and play, all day! No hassle. Note, you do need to push it in so it clicks when inserting into the bottom of your phone (where your charger goes). 

3- Make sure your MicroSD card is inserted. You can move files to a new MicroSD. Or, remove the SD card from the top of your phone using a pin, and plug it in to move files to your computer or another device. 

4- When you plug in C326 you will immediately be able to access the files under the "My Files" folder (see above). It will say USB with a series of numbers. See screenshots below. From there you can choose files you want to access, where you want to move or save them to, etc.


That's it! It's that simple and is a small tool that you will (I promise) come to appreciate. 


Jess K.

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