More Mobile Storage At Your Finger Tips

More Mobile Storage At Your Finger Tips

Do you need more space on your iPhone or iPad? If you are like us, we are constantly using our phone and tablet for photos, video, social sharing, music and more, we quickly run out of space. So frustrating! Or perhaps you are planning a trip and want to take movies, ibooks and more with you on your travels, but you don’t have space left to bring everything you want. Well, we have the answer!

Your phone likely has a microSD card slot which will allow you to use a SmartQ device to solve for this ongoing problem once and for all. Skip the high priced card upgrades and get our OTG SmartQ Au606. What is OTG mean you ask? It stands for On-the- Go, so you can take this little device anywhere and all the files you want, or will need.

AU606 is USB compatible and has a small narrow end that will connect to your iPhone or iPad. It’s that simple, it will store your content and easily transfer files to your other devices as a backup system or so you can decide what you want to put on your phone to manage the space on your Apple device. Pretty much any type of data you can think of can be stored on your SmartQ device.

Another use for this device is to transfer data to you desktop or laptop computer.

This is useful when WiFi and Cloud storage is not available, which can happen often when you are traveling. Oh, and did we mention it has a keychain connector? Secure your device to your keys or laptop bag so it is close at all times. But no need to worry, if you were to misplace AU606 you can secure it so only you are able to access your data with fingerprint and password protection.

So what are you waiting for?

Upgrade your mobile experience today and stop feeling frustrated with your iPhone or Apple devices. To learn more and get the full technical specifications visit us on Amazon.