Why Your Camera and GoPro Should Have an External Card Reader

Why Your Camera and GoPro Should Have an External Card Reader

In today’s world we all have multiple devices we use, from our mobile phones and iPads to digital cameras and GoPro, we’re not a hands-free society. With all these different tools we use daily there is room for error, for something to break and potentially lose data. This often includes sensitive information, images, or video that are important on a personal level, work-wise or maybe even scientifically.

A recent case comes to mind, where NASA photographer Bill Ingalls recently had one of his cameras catch fire during the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch. The fire wasn’t due to the launch itself, but a brush fire that was ignited at take-off. Ingalls talked about how the memory cards survived the fire, allowing him to retrieve the beautiful images that have been shared here, on the NASA Flickr page.

One Canon, extra crispy. (Bill Ingalls/NASA)

Having an external memory card reader with you, whether traveling for work, pleasure or simply to make your daily workflow easier, will give you peace of mind when those unfortunate moments happen. With C368’s multi-card reader capabilities, or C307’s all-in-one design, there is something for you and the tools you use daily. Broken mobile phone? Don’t worry, retrieve all your data in seconds. Shooting video for work with your GoPro and need to quickly send files back to the office? You can do that.

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